How we rustproof vehicle's in Scandinavian countries

Below you will find a step by step guide on how rustproofing treatments are professionally applied by DINITROL treatment centres located in Scandinavian countries. When seeking a vehicle rustproofing treatment provider in the UK make sure you check that they provide the same level of service. Please be aware DINITROL® does not currently operate or endorse any treatment centres in the UK.

Professional Step by Step vehicle rustproofing treatment process

1. Disassembly
During the 1st stage we hoist the vehicle using a ramp and remove all the wheels by unscrewing them. We then proceed to remove all plastic trim covers fitted around the vehicle and undercarriage to provide full access for the corrosion protection treatment applications.
dinitrol treatment centre chassis underbody area wheel arches steam cleaned specialist corrosion cleaner vehicle rustproofing underbody
2. Pressure washing
Once all plastic trim covers are removed to fully expose the vehicle under-carriage. The vehicle chassis underbody area and wheel arches are steam cleaned with a specialist anti corrosion solution then rinsed off with hot water.
professionally inspected dinitrol trained technician searching rust dinitrol treatment centre vehicle rustproofing applications protection rustproofing
3. Drying period & inspection
After the vehicle is completely dry the vehicle underbody area is professionally inspected by a trained technician searching for evidence of rust or corrosion starting to appear. If any evidence of corrosion is already present the rust will be treated with RC900 a specialist converter and primer.
penetrating-cavity wax injected doors bonnet vehicle body frame small insertion holes lance extension cavity wax rustproofing service
4. Cavity wax treatment
A penetrating cavity wax is injected into doors, bonnet and vehicle body frame via small insertion holes using a specialist lance extension. The DINITROL rustproofing technician also follows specialist spray diagrams to ensure no safety sensors in doors are damaged.
dinitrol engine preservation treatment corroheat, dinitrol 1000 transparent coating for engine compartment rust prevention vehicle chassis car truck 4x4 and landrover
5. Engine Preservation
A specially designed product for automotive vehicle engines is applied throughout the compartment. Once dry the transparent coat hardens to provide a film that is resistant to alkalin and acids whilst providing heat resistance up to temperatures of more than 200°C
dinitrol underbody chassis protection coating dinitrol 4941 car corrosion prevention black rust prevention vehicle chassis car truck 4x4 and landrover
6. Applying underbody coating
A thin layer of penetrating cavity wax is applied to provide an under-carriage pre-treatment before the final protective underbody coating is applied. Once the underbody coating layer is dry it provides protection for the vehicle chassis against gravel, salt and harsh weather conditions.
vehicle rustproofing treatment, rust treatments for land lover, classic car, cars, commercial vehicles, taxis and minibuses
7. Cleaning the vehicle
Once all the treatments have been applied to the vehicle. The car will be completely washed and cleaned to ensure any unwanted residue is removed. A mirror hanger will also be hung in the vehicle cabin containing useful information in relation to the customers DINITROL treatment.
photographic evidence documented corrosion and rust evident. Dinitrol vehicle rustproofing treatment service car rust treatment classic cars, Land Rover 4x4
8. Photo Documentation
Throughout the vehicle rustproofing treatment process the technician will take pictures before, during and after the treatment. This photographic documented evidence is shown to the customer when collecting their vehicle and is archived with the vehicles treatment history information.
dinitrol treatment centre rustproofing genuine product- certificate underbody chassis coating corrosion protection photographic evidence login
9. Final inspection
After the vehicle has been fully cleaned a final inspection is conducted before refitting all the plastic covers. On collecting the vehicle the customer is provided with an application certificate & photographic evidence of the treatment.
Please note: DINITROL® does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centres or providers in the UK. Due to this reason we have provided a Checklist with questions we recommend you ask your preferred treatment provider prior to proceeding with any applications. Please click here to read the information containing useful questions that you should ask the treatment provider.
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