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Jaguar car rust proofing

Jaguar car rust proofing

Their is no doubt the Jaguar car is one of the most recognisable iconic British brands around the world. The legendary luxury automotive manufacturer started in 1922 when William Walmsley and Sir William Lyons joined forces, to launch the British sports car manufacturing venture. They would use their knowledge and metal fabrication skills along with specialist techniques they had learnt whilst operating the Swallow Sidecar company. The first car to be associated with the big cat branding would be the 1935 SS Jaguar 2.5i saloon with distinctive sleek, low slung aerodynamic modern design features. However due to the start of the second world war and the ‘SS’ association with the German Nazi party, Jaguar soon dropped the letters from their name.

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With the company now simply known as ‘Jaguar’, William Lyons would quickly design an automotive masterpiece by introducing flowing lines that had become common with wartime aircraft. The XK120 Jaguar car soon became well respected throughout the automotive sports car community and was the first vehicle to feature the signature vertically ribbed oval grille. Due to the great heritige with this renowned British automotive vehicle manufacturer, it’s vital that owners seek Jaguar Car Rust Proofing treatments to preserve this history.

Protecting the big cat with jaguar car rustproofing

Building on their success William Lyons soon realised he could develop a Jaguar car purely for racing and with the assistance of Aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer. The fluid shape of the C-Type was perfected, based on Malcolm Sayers experience gained working in the aircraft industry. This revolutionary piece of British automotive engineering became a defining moment in Jaguars history, with the C-Type winning the 1951 and 1953 Le Mans 24 hour race. With Malcolm Sayer still looking to push automotive design forward with new concepts, they launched the D-Type in 1954. This new car would utilise more techniques from aircraft design by incorporating a signature tail fin, and would be the first vehicle in the world to use a state of the art monocoque construction.

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British Classic Car icon the Jaguar E-Type

At the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 Jaguar released the iconic Jaguar E-Type with it’s 3.8 Litre straight six engine, the futuristic sleek monocoque design put all other automotive manufacturers to shame. The Jaguar E-Type soon became an iconic car and arguably one of best British car’s ever built, the company built. Jaguar built 12 more E-Type cars purely for racing with the addition of a lightweight aluminium body frame, for weight reduction. With only a few examples of the race modified Jaguar E-Type still remaining, they are highly sort after by classic car collectors throughout the world. Building on the global success of the Jaguar E-Type, the company released the successor in 1975. The Jaguar XJ-S designed by Malcolm Sayer was fitted with a 3.6 litre V12 engine built by the company whilst benefiting from a more aerodynamic shape.

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Jaguar Classic Car Rustproofing Treatments

If you’re a Jaguar car enthusiast owner or looking to purchase a Jaguar classic car, it’s important you protect the vehicle from rusting. Whether you own an old Jaguar classic car or more recent retro model it’s important you continually provide the vehicle with rust prevention treatments. Regular applications with DINITROL underbody chassis, cavity waxes and engine preservation treatments, will help to protect the long-term value of your Jaguar car. DINITROL Jaguar car rustproofing applications can be applied at a local DINITROL rustproofing treatment centre or it’s possible to purchase a D.I.Y kit from this website.

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