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Jaguar E Type for sale

Jaguar E Type for sale

Are you currently trying to find a Jaguar E Type for sale enabling you to start a challenging but rewarding restoration project? With many fully restored Jaguar E Type for sale selling for over £90,000, purchasing a re-storable model is the only option for many enthusiasts looking to own this British iconic automotive masterpiece. The Jaguar E Type was manufactured between 1961 and 1975 in Coventry and resembles the pinnacle of automotive design styling with beautiful curving lines to improve aerodynamics and performance. The innovative Jaguar E Type could achieve a top speed of 150mph and accelerate from 0-60mph within 7 seconds and took the motoring world by surprise whilst winning many motor-sport achievements. Even Enzo Ferrari commented when the Jaguar E Type was launched in 1961 by saying ‘It was the most beautiful car ever made”. In recent years due to the global appreciation for this magnificent piece of automotive design and engineering, the Jaguar E Type designed by Malcolm Sayer regularly tops the charts with classic sports car reviews. This recently including featuring highly within the Daily Telegraph newspaper publications “100 most beautiful cars of all time” article.

Jaguar E Type for sale buyers guide

With the global allure and affection for this rear wheel drive two-seater grand tourer, finding a suitable Jaguar E Type for sale can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Locating a distinguished roadster convertible Jaguar E Type for sale can be even more increasingly difficult. During 2014 a regular production series 1 4.2-litre roadster fetched an astonishing $528,000. However, the most expensive Jaguar E Type for sale was a specialist competition lightweight model achieving $7,370,000 at the infamous Scottsdale Auction in Arizona, USA. This was primarily due to only 12 lightweight competition models being built, making this legendary racing car an extremely rare specimen. Also due to the substantial investment required in purchasing a Jaguar E Type, we strongly recommend checking and verifying the specification of any models you are looking to buy with the official Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust prior to committing financially.

Does the model series matter when searching for a Jaguar E Type for sale?

The series 1 is widely regarded to be the most desirable and valuable with the 3.8-litre flat floor roadsters. However, with the series 2 Jaguar E Type models sporting a larger grille, vastly improved cooling and braking system they can be a more sensible purchase. Please don’t worry if you are working within a tight budget constraint, the series 3 Jaguar E Type is well worth considering with the model benefiting from a vastly improved 5.3-litre V12 engine delivering 276bhp. Also, even though the series 3 Jaguar E Type was much heavier compared to its predecessors it could outperform it’s closest rivals being the Mercedes-Benz SL and BMW 3.0 CS during this historical motoring era.

How to spot a good Jaguar E Type for sale

When visiting private sellers or classic car dealers/restoration specialists whilst trying to find a suitable Jaguar E Type for sale. Make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly prior to purchase and ideally seek the services of a professional mechanic to inspect the Jaguar E Type. With the Jaguar E Type recognised for being a durable piece of automotive engineering, the engines are usually able to achieve around 150,000 if not abused before requiring a rebuild. However, closely monitor the temperature gauge if this continually rises it could indicate the head gasket has blown.

Jaguar E Type corrosion protection.

If you currently own a Jaguar E Type or are looking to purchase a fully restored or restoration project. We strongly recommend protecting the classic car with DINITROL OEM approved corrosion protection coatings to prevent rust. It’s possible to purchase Rustproofing products suitable for Jaguar E Type cars including DINITROL 4941 underseal coating, DINITROL ML a penetrating cavity wax ideal for older classic cars and DINITROL RC900 a chelat based rust converter to prevent further corrosion on substrates. Preserve your classic car and protect your investment from corrosion whilst reducing unnecessary maintenance bills for vehicle repairs.

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It’s also possible to purchase Jaguar Classic Car parts via a service provided by the Jaguar Land Rover Global customer service division. Visit the Jaguar Heritage website for more information.

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