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Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection

Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection

The professional rust proofing technicians at DINITROL UK headquarters were recently left speechless after receiving an email. When Simon the current owner of a 1975 Datsun 120Y, informed them that the original DINITROL corrosion prevention coatings applied to the vehicle 44 years ago are still protecting the vehicle today. Simon now 52 years old, can vividly remember the exact day when his father purchased the brand new Datsun 120Y costing £1172. From the local Tor View Garage dealership located on Edgarley Road, Glastonbury, Somerset on the 1st July 1975, when he was only 8 years of age.

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Whilst reviewing the original paperwork documentation recently he noticed that his dad was charged £100 for the new DINITROL under-sealing product treatment, applied prior to collecting the brand new Datsun 120Y. The original DINITROL GML vehicle rust proofing system window stickers are also still present and provide additional evidence that the underseal corrosion protection product was applied to the Datsun 120Y.

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DINITROL Corrosion Protection underseal on 44 year old Datsun 120Y

Have a look at the wheel arches and cills images above, Simon noted that this is the original DINITROL underseal corrosion protection treatment application provided by the Tor View Garage located on Edgarley Road, Glastonbury. It’s also incredible that the 44-year-old Datsun 120Y has never been welded and the only bodywork repair has been 2 sets of replacement front wings during the vehicle’s life.

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During 1986 ownership of the vehicle was transferred to Simon who has been the primary keeper ever since. Throughout the years he has carefully maintained the Datsun 120Y, due to the many memories spent in the iconic classic Japanese car with his father. Also before being able to drive himself, Simon remembers his father driving him to youth football matches and family holiday trips to Cornwall in the Datsun 120Y. He also learnt to drive in the Datsun 120Y before becoming an apprentice joiner and couldn’t wait to add a set of Oscar spotlights to the car to provide a more sporty appeal after successfully passing his driving test.

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datsun corrosion protection rustproofing dinitrol gml treatment glastonbury simon classic japanese car datsun 120Y glastonbury

Datsun 120Y still protected by original DINITROL corrosion protection underseal coating

You may be thinking that the DINITROL corrosion protection underseal coating is still intact due to the Datsun 120Y being stored away and carefully preserved. However, you are totally mistaken, Simon currently drives the car regularly at the weekends locally around the rural country lanes with his dad present in the passenger seat. They frequently re-visit old fishing and football spots to reminisce about his childhood.

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The car is also used on special occasions to chauffeur family members to special events and also displayed at vintage classic car shows to share this pristine Datsun 120y vehicle with fellow admirers. Simon commented with Datsun 120Y car models now becoming an extremely rare sight when spotted on UK roads, he usually attracts more attention than owners of Aston Martin’s and Ferrari’s. Mainly due to the general public being unfamiliar with this iconic Japanese classic car.

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Protect your Datsun 120Y with DINITROL corrosion protection treatments

The Datsun 120Y was the third generation of the infamous Nissan Sunny model and exported from Japan to many countries around the world between 1973-1977. Also with the 1973 oil crisis drastically inflating fuel prices the 1.2 and 1.4-litre engine Datsun 120Y model variants became an instant success along with excellent GX Coupe. If you own a classic or modern retro Japanese car ensure you protect the vehicle from corrosion with DINITROL OEM approved rustproofing treatments. DINITROL 4941 / Car is an excellent underseal with good abrasion resistance and self-healing properties whilst DINITROL ML a penetrating cavity wax is perfect for injecting into crevices, box sections and sills within older second-hand Japanese cars.

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We would like to thank Simon Marks and his family for sharing this very interesting story and allowing us to publish the article feature.

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