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Landrover Rustproofing

Landrover Rustproofing

Their is no doubt that the Landrover Defender is one of the greatest achievements of British automotive engineering and design. The off road multi purpose field vehicle was initially created by Maurice Wilks in 1947 on a farm in Newborough with his brother Spencer who was the managing director of Rover cars. Initially influenced by the American Jeep vehicle and painted with military surplus paint the Landrover Defender Series I set the benchmark for high quality robust 4×4 off road vehicles around the world and became a great British export.

However with the last Landrover Defender rolling off the production line earlier this year at the Solihull plant after 68 years. It’s now even more important that your vehicle is protected from corrosion to ensure the long term preservation of this iconic British off road vehicle.

The original Landrover Series I went into production in 1948 with the Landrover Defender Series II being launched in 1952 with a new design and improved engine. During the 1970s until earlier this year the Series III remained a best seller with the vehicle even being driven by members of the Royal family. Due to this vehicle being an iconic piece of British automotive engineering we believe the Landrover Defender will become an all time classic collector vehicle.

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Protect your Landrover Defender with DINITROL underbody chassis rust proofing & rust treatments

Protect your Landrover Defender and preserve this iconic statement of British automotive engineering with DINITROL OEM approved vehicle corrosion protection products or visit a local affiliated DINITROL Treatment Centre based in the UK.

Read our guide on how to corrosion protect your Landrover vehicle with DINITROL coating solutions

Step One: DINITROL® RC900

Once all corroded areas and surface rust areas have been identified and you are happy that all surface rust deposits are completely removed you should apply DINITROL® RC900 a specialist rust convertor & primer that turns rust on your Landrover Defender substrates into a stable organic iron complex.


By attaching an underbody gun to a 1 Litre can of DINTROL® ML you can easily apply the coating whilst being able to reach into your Landrover Defenders chassis, box sections, door pillars and sills. Also by spinning the underbody gun around it ensures a 360° degree coverage is applied inside the vehicle panel cavity areas.

Step Three: DINITROL® 4941/Car

The final stage is applying an underbody sealant with excellent sound deadening properties to your Landrover Defender. DINITROL® 4941/Car black underbody coating provides protection against stone chips. The black PVC coated layer ensures the underbody of your Landrover Defender is no longer exposed to the weather including surface rain water and ingress.

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