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Leaking Car Sunroof

Leaking Car Sunroof

Are you suffering from a leaking car sunroof? It can quickly become a big problem with substantial damage caused to the cabin interior with damp seats that can start smelling musty. Please read our guide below on how you can fix a leaking car sunroof.

Leaking car sunroof drain tubes blocked

The very small drainage tubes are usually located in the corners of the sunroof within the rubber seal and are designed to catch any rain water that manages to get through the sunroof. By wiping them you can also remove any visible dirt or debris that could be causing a blockage. It’s also a good idea to blow compressed air through the drain tubes to make sure any trapped debris or dirt that maybe causing a blockage will be removed. If the compressed air is not removing the blockage it’s usually possible to use a wire for a example a bike brake cable due to it’s flexibility to clear the tube.

leaking-car-sunroof-1-water-ingress- drain tubes blocked guide below on how you can fix a leaking car sunroof

Once you have cleared and removed any blockages we always recommend closing the sunroof then pouring a glass of water over the leaking car sunroof to ensure the problem has been fixed and resolved.

Leaking car sunroof UV resistant sealant

DINITROL 460 is ideal for sealing non-bonded vehicles windows including glass sunroofs. The product does not become brittle after being applied and is not harmful to the rubber parts, car paint or any chromium vehicle fixtures. The black coloured DINITROL 460 product rubber/synthetic resin is also easy to apply with a standard D.I.Y. Cartridge gun. You just need to make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with all oil, grease and dust being removed before applying.

It’s vital that you quickly repair a leaking car sunroof. Rain water ingress into the vehicle cabin can quickly damage the interior upholstery including carpets whilst leading to electric problems due to the vehicle electronic wiring system becoming wet. Also when renewing your car insurance annually always check your policy documentation and certificate to ensure you have adequate protection in the event of a leaking car sunroof.

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