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Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing

Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing

Mercedes Benz are recognised around the world for designing and manufacturing luxury cars, trucks, buses and off road vehicles with exceptional build quality. Also due to the German manufacturers reputation for producing reliable vehicles the luxury cars are used by many government leaders and high profile business people across the world. The Mercedes Benz C Class & E Class models are also very popular amongst taxi car fleet operators due to the impeccable durability and build quality of the vehicles. At DINITROL UK our network of treatment centres provide a wide range of Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing treatments.

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Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing applications are ideal for older vehicles

However if you own an older Mercedes Benz car model that was built in the late 1990s or early 2000s. We strongly recommend visiting a local DINITROL Treatment Centre to have the vehicle professionally inspected. Our rustproofing technicians will check the car for any evidence of corrosion or rust starting to form within cavities, crevices and around the vehicle chassis. Between the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Mercedes Benz suffered badly with the build quality of their vehicles becoming very poor, it was also widely documented throughout the automotive industry media. This resulted in the Stuttgart based automotive vehicle manufacturer only achieving an average build quality rating. Mainly due to the amount of reported vehicle problems by new Mercedes Benz owners during the first 90 days of ownership. The figures are based on J. D. Power’s initial Quality and Vehicle Dependability Studies in the United States. However even though the luxury car manufacturer dropped down the rankings to 25th place they soon climbed back to 5th place in 2007. Mercedes Benz continued to improve the build quality and reliability of their cars and achieved 4th place the following year with their Sindelfingen, Germany vehicle assembly production line receiving a Platinum Plant Quality Award.

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Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing Treatment

With Mercedes Benz cars renowned for retaining their value. We recommend applying a Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing treatment by visiting a local DINITROL centre. If you are constrained by a budget, purchase a Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing D.I.Y. Treatment Kit from the website. If you are looking to keep your Mercedes Benz for many years we strongly advise on implementing a rust prevention vehicle plan. DINITROL underbody chassis coatings will protect your Mercedes Benz from stone-chips, water ingress and the highly corrosive impact of road salt. With our extensive range of vehicle penetrating cavity waxes, it’s also possible to protect all cavities, crevices and box sections located around the Mercedes Benz car.

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Mercedes Benz Car Rustproofing Commercial Vehicle treatment services

DINITROL rustproofing products are also ideal for Mercedes Benz commercial trucks, coaches, buses and specialist off-road vehicles including the G Wagon. Even if you drive your Mercedes Benz G Wagon in off-road or harsh weather conditions DINITROL Corrosion protection coatings will protect your ‘cross country vehicle’ Geländewagen from rusting.

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Mercedes Benz Motorwagen History

Did you know the company founder Karl Benz is considered to have designed and built the first petrol car in 1886 with the launch of the Benz Patent Motorwagen. Later in the companies prestigious automotive history Karl Benz would finally form the Mercedes Benz brand name by merging with Gottlieb Daimler.

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