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MINI Car Restoration Rustproofing

MINI Car Restoration Rustproofing

The MINI has recently been voted the best ever British car beating the Jaguar E-Type, Land rover Defender and iconic Aston Martin DB5 famously driven by James Bond. The iconic car was released in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and incorporated a space reducing transverse engine front wheel drive design. This advancement allowed for 80 percent of the cars floor-pan space to be used by passengers and luggage. This ground breaking new design at the time was revolutionary and inspired many other global car manufacturers, to incorporate elements of this design into their own vehicles. Due to this reason alone the humble MINI was voted the 2nd most influential car ever built with the Ford Model T claiming the top place. The original MINI car was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and built at the British Motor Corporations Longbridge and Cowley plants. But due to the global success of the iconic British Car it was later built and manufactured in Australia, Spain, Belgium, Chile, Malta, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Portugal & Italy.

Throughout the vehicles manufacturing life (Mark 1 Mini 1959-1967 & Mark 2 Mini 1967-1970) many popular variants where produced that included a MINI Van, MINI Moke, Austin Mini Countryman, Morris Mini Traveller, Cooper and Clubman. With the Mark III being manufactured between 1969-1976 the Mark IV was produced from 1976-2000, before the iconic automotive MINI brand was taken over by the prestigious German automotive manufacturer BMW.

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MINI Classic Car – British Iconic Vehicle Restoration

The MINI car originally built for economy soon became a 1960s icon when the United Kingdom especially London was considered to be the centre of the world for culture, music and fashion. By quickly achieving this iconic status the MINI car has been used in many major films including the Italian Job with Michael Caine and more recently Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon.

MINI Car – rustproofing a legendary motorsport & rally car

The MINI also gained great recognition throughout the motor sport racing world with the highly successful Mini Cooper and Cooper S models. The legendary rally car won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

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MINI Car restoration with DINITROL Rustproofing Kits & Rust Prevention Treatments

The MINI car is still adored by many classic car enthusiast in the UK. With many MINI car owner clubs located around the UK including the British Mini Club, who host the annual Ultimate MINI Show in October. If you are looking to protect and preserve your investment or starting a MINI car restoration project. The OEM approved DINITROL corrosion protection and vehicle body repair products are excellent. We also sell comprehensive DINITROL MINI Car Rustproofing Kit bundles for D.I.Y. application with an undercoating gun and air compressor. The coatings can easily be applied directly with our convenient aerosol rustproofing product range. DINITROL corrosion protection products are the perfect solution for protecting the under-body chassis, wheel arches and cavity areas including the application into closed cavities such as doors, frame members, exterior joints and crevices. Our RC900 Rust converter also actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Protect your MINI car an iconic piece of British automotive engineering and preserve this legendary vehicle.

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