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Are you an OEM approved automotive or industrial manufacturer? DINITROL® has over 79 years experience in providing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) systems for bonding, sealing, noise reduction, abrasion protection, corrosion prevention and other specialist coatings to global automotive and industrial manufacturers.
Throughout the UK we work closely with manufacturers of agricultural vehicles, heavy plant & construction machinery, passenger car, commercial vehicle, coach builders, salt spreaders, rail and military vehicle manufacturers. We also supply OEM approved vehicle body repair, vehicle glass bonding, sound dampening and structural bonding & sealing products throughout the automotive aftermarket. The products are still manufactured in Germany and the company is committed to developing new innovative intelligent solutions for leading OEM automotive and industrial manufacturers globally.

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OEM Vehicle Corrosion Protection
DINITROL® OEM approved vehicle chassis coatings are widely used throughout the UK and Europe by car import hubs, production facilities and vehicle dealerships. Ensuring your vehicles are adequately protected from corrosion is essential, especially when exporting to foreign markets. The vehicles are exposed to highly corrosive sea salt in the atmosphere whilst being stored at the dockside and throughout transportation via shipping.
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OEM Supplier Compliance Cycle
Our specially trained technical team at DINITROL® UK currently advise suppliers of OEM plants on packaging and corrosion protection techniques. This ensures they are certified and are able to fulfil the strict packaging standardisation procedures required. We work with many global automotive and industrial manufacturers to ensure that all solutions provided are fully compliant and tested. Before conducting production line implementation with your organisation.
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The professionally trained DINITROL® technical team can work closely with your production facility. To provide specialist advice on applications and selecting the most effective product for a particular task. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting vehicles and parts during production, transportation and storage with our specialist advanced range of corrosion protection coatings.

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