OEM Approved Off Shore Marine Solutions2018-03-26T14:14:12+00:00

OEM approved Off-Shore Marine solutions

Since the 1950s DINITROL OEM approved corrosion protection coating solutions have been widely used throughout the off-shore marine industry by merchant vessel manufacturers and maintenance providers including off-shore drilling rig operators. This is due to the outstanding protection provided by DINITROL products when subjected to the harsh environmental weather conditions and the highly corrosive problem caused by sea salt.

DINITROL OEM approved off-shore marine corrosion protection solutions are off-shore zone two approved and the salt-resistant coatings are also applied to lifeboats, safety equipment, communication equipment and machinery. We also provide a comprehensive range of marine sound deadening product application treatment solutions that can significantly reduce noise levels on any vessel. DINITROL corrosion protection coatings are also applied to shipping containers during production and throughout cyclic maintenance schedules.

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