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Plant & Construction Machinery OEM Product Solutions

DINITROL OEM approved underbody chassis and anti stone chip protective coatings are applied by many heavy plant & construction machinery manufacturers during vehicle assembly. Due to heavy plant & construction machinery continually subjected to harsh working environmental conditions with continual exposure to surface water ingress around the chassis. It’s essential that the vehicle is adequately protected with OEM approved underbody & cavity wax injection corrosion prevention coatings. Within the DINITROL OEM approved corrosion protection range we have suitable solvent-borne, bitumen based, waterborne and zero-emission product solutions. Our storage and transportation wax coatings are ideal for protecting vehicle paintwork and spare parts when being delivered to dealerships within the UK or being exported aboard.

We also provide a comprehensive range of sound deadening solutions that can significantly reduce noise within the vehicle cabin in conjunction with the Noise At Work Regulations 2005 Act. The current regulations stipulate that employers must provide hearing protection to employees exposed to 85 decibels. Contact DINITROL UK today, our specialist technicians can work closely with your organisation to provide product application demonstrations and instruction guide manuals.

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