OEM approved Salt Spreader Gritter solutions2018-03-26T14:11:47+00:00

OEM approved Salt Spreader & Gritter solutions

Due to the extremely corrosive combination mix with rock salt and melting snow, it’s essential that salt spreaders & gritting vehicles are completely treated with OEM approved anti-corrosion underbody chassis coatings. Our bitumen based OEM approved chassis coatings provide excellent abrasion resistance and have self-healing characteristics. The coated robust PVC layer provides incredible protection even when subjected to prolonged exposure to extremely corrosive conditions. Also due to manufacturing innovative corrosion protection coatings that are extensively applied to salt spreading and gritting vehicles throughout Scandinavia and Eastern European countries, who are subjected to heavy snowfall. DINITROL have gained a global reputation for providing premium quality products throughout this vehicle industry sector.

Many UK manufacturers and fleet operators of salt spreading and gritting vehicles are now applying DINITROL corrosion protection solutions for complete peace of mind.

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