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Corrosion Resistance Testing

By collaborating with your internal research and development team we can ensure all products are tested and suitable for implementation and can also provide salt spray chamber testing and climatic chamber testing services, within our in-house laboratory facility. To ensure conformity with salt spray corrosion resistance testing only refined salt is used in the laboratory with a purity that meets the latest requirements of ASTM B117, ISO 9227 and DIN 50 021. The company is also ISO 9001 accredited for quality assurance and the salt is supplied with a UKAS Certificate of Analysis. For more information on our Corrosion Resistance Testing please click on either the salt spray chamber or climatic chamber sections below or send an email message via the enquiry form.

Independent Corrosion Resistance Testing Service

DINITROL UK provide an independent and strictly confidential Corrosion Resistance Testing Service and are members of the Institute of Corrosion. Our experienced laboratory corrosion resistance testing technicians have specialist knowledge and skills with advanced coatings, paints and metals. Throughout the corrosion resistance testing cycle they are able to provide comprehensive reports and photographic evidence to meet any scheduled requests. We are also able to provide a corrosion resistance testing report conclusion with professional guidance and recommendations relating to surface characterisation. DINITROL provide corrosion resistance testing services to many OEM automotive and industrial manufacturers including global companies operating in the marine and aviation sector. Salt spray chamber corrosion testing is a cost-effective process to check the resistance of paints, coatings and small metal objects including components and mechanical parts against failure. We provide an extensive range of industry standard testing services from 240 to 1000 hours and are also able to create bespoke test conditions based on your specific requirements.

Salt Spray Chamber Testing Service

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Climatic Chamber Testing Service