Professional OEM Manufacturer Approved Product Solutions

With over 350 standard professional OEM manufacturer approved products within the DINITROL range for corrosion protection, vehicle body repair, bonding and sealing including direct glazing applications. We can provide innovative economical solutions for your complete requirements. Please contact our OEM implementation team with your requirements and a DINITROL product specialist will contact you to discuss the solutions available. We can also work closely with your internal research and development team to provide bespoke solutions for any specialist requirements.

DINITROL manufacture OEM approved unique innovative product solutions

Professional OEM Manufacturer Approved Product Solutions direct glazing automotive glasses windscreen replacement UK
DINITROL 9100 is a humidity-curing and one component polyurethane adhesive for the direct-glazing of automotive glasses that enables a 30 minute drive-away. The properties of the DINITROL 9100 product are the following:
• 30 minutes safe drive-away time
• High modulus
• Low conductive
• Cold applycable
• Solvent and PVC free
• Fast curing
• High elasticity
• Crash test approved FMVss 208/212
• Excellent working characteristics
• Direct glazing automotive glass parts
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Oem approved solutions for component polyurethane adhesive for the direct-glazing dinitrol adhesives sealants bonding
DINITROL 501 FC-HM is a humidity curing one component polyurethane adhesive for the direct-glazing of automotive glasses. The properties of the adhesive DINITROL 501 FC-HM product are the following:
• Good adhesion on paints
• Fast curing and high modulus
• Excellent working characteristics
• Very good standing properties
• Short cut-off string
• High elasticity
• Solvent and PVC free
• OEM approved
• Ageing and weather resistant
• Crash test approved FMVSS 212
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OEM approved solution for 2-component adhesive for bonding thermoplastic, metal and composite assemblies
DINITROL 870 MMA is a fast curing, easy to use structural 2-component adhesive for bonding thermoplastic, metal and composite assemblies. The properties of the adhesive DINITROL 501 FC-HM product are the following:
• Cosmetic surface repair
• High strength
• Little surface preparation
• Fast curing
• Overpaintable
• Non sagging
• For plastic bonding
• OEM approved
• UV resistance
• For metal bonding
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Specialist Adhesives
The versatile range of innovative DINITROL OEM manufacturer approved specialist adhesives are for a wide range of applications. DINITROL 810 is ideal for instant gasket seal flanges whilst DINITROL 812 is perfect for common threaded pipe connectors. The range also contains high strength joining compound products for fixing bearings, bushes and sleeves whilst in the delivery state without the requirement for cleaning. Our fast curing DINITROL 806 thread locker is suitable for galvanised surfaces and on stainless or alloyed steel. We also have super glue product solutions and 2-component high stability polyurethane adhesives that are ideal for structural glueing applications.
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OEM manufacturer approved specialist adhesives and structural bonding products for plastic and metal lock tight screws and bolts thread
OEM Supplier Compliance Cycle
We provide professional advice and consultation for suppliers who provide parts and components to OEM manufacturing plants in relation to packaging and corrosion protection techniques.
1. Incoming Parts
OEM Supplier Compliance Cycle incoming parts and components corrosion protection, rust prevention packaging guidance manual
We can work with your incoming parts and component suppliers to generate and implement an official anti-corrosion packaging guidance and procedure manual, so they are fully compliant with your specific requirements.
2. Warehouse & Storage
OEM Supplier Compliance Cycle warehouse storage oem manufacturer supply parts components rust prevention corrosion protection solutions
To ensure incoming parts and components are kept within a suitable corrosion-free environment. We work closely with global organisations to develop and implement storage corrosion control procedures.
3. Production Line Improvements
production Line Improvements corrosion protection incoming parts and components storage oem compliance cycle UK production facility
Our specialist technical engineers can provide assistance and guidance on production line technology improvements. To ensure the product receives the optimum finish and remains corrosion free.
4. Finished product
oem automotive manufacturer industrial manufacturing product corrosion protection rust prevention transportation and storage solutions advice supplier cycle
We can provide specialist advice to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition whilst also eliminating costly resprays particularly with vehicles being exported. DINITROL provide an extensive range of storage and transportation protective coatings.

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The highly trained DINITROL® technical team can work closely with your production facility to provide invaluable advice on applications with regards to selecting the most effective product for a particular task. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting vehicles and parts during production, transportation and storage with our specialist advanced range of corrosion protection coatings.

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