DINITROL 3125 HS – 500ml Aerosol

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Dark brown vehicle underbody chassis coating

The non dripping solvent based dark brown underbody coating rust preventative is specially formulated, with a high dry matter content. This minimises environmental pollution and occupational exposure during on-line application.

(1 x 500ml aerosol can supplied or 12 if the full box is purchased)

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Available product sizes:

  • 500ml Aerosol
  • 1 Litre Can
  • 20 Litre Pail
  • 208 Litre Barrel


  • Dark brown
  • High Solids
  • Tack-free
  • Long term – permanent
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Drip resistant
  • Cavity wax protection

DINITROL 3125 HS is a solvent borne rust preventative specially formulated, with a high dry matter content, to minimise environmental pollution and occupational exposure during on-line application. Main properties are as follows:

  • High dry matter content
  • Good film building properties
  • No dripping

DINITROL 3125 HS is designed for application mainly as a cavity protection and a thin underbody coating. Main objects to be treated are used vehicles with some corrosion present. For improved performance on more corroded surfaces, DINITROL ML or DINITROL ML HS can be used as a pre-treatment. The slightly thixotropic nature of the product ensures an evenly applied film to the required thickness and strength.

  • Type of film: waxy
  • Specific Gravity: 980 kg/m³
  • Non-volatile content: 68%
  • Viscosity (DIN 4): 55 seconds
  • Flash point: 41°C
  • Recommended film thickness wet: 80 µm
  • Recommended layer thickness: 30 µm
  • Drying time: 2 hrs
  • Low temperature adhesion: – 30°C
  • Effect on car paint: None
  • Removability: Hydrocarbon solvents
  • Heat resistance: > 120°C at 50 µm

Method of use:
DINITROL 3125 HS may be applied by spraying with manual, semi or fully automatic equipment and is suitable for airless spraying on to a clean dry surface.

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