DINITROL 449 – 1 Litre Canister

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Vehicle bitumen based underbody and stonechip coating

DINITROL 449 is an environmentally friendly black coloured bitumen based underbody and stonechip coating with good corrosion protection and sound deadening properties. After curing DINITROL 449 has a very durable tough and elastic film, which results in a very good stonechip resistance. The product is overpaintable please see additional information below.

Did you know that DINITROL 449 and DINITROL 977 can be used together to form a comprehensive water borne corrosion protection system application. Rather than applying both products separately, we recommend a two-layer application method with DINITROL 449 and DINITROL 977. This unique combination is very effective on surfaces that are already corroded.

(1 x 1 Litre can supplied or 12 if the full box is purchased)

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Available product sizes:

  • 1 Litre can
  • 20 Litre pail


  • Water borne bitumen emulsion and acrylic dispersion, fillers and additives.
  • Black viscous/thixotropic liquid
  • Bitumen emulsion based underbody coating that is a combination of traditional underbody coating and stonechip protection
  • Black when dried, blue in wet state
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Over paintable when dry
  • Product can be used with DINITROL 977 to create a dual layer application

DINITROL 449 us used for touch up of manufacturer applied coatings, treatment of used vehicles and repair of rocker panels, front and rear parts, wings and underbodies. DINITROL 449 is also applied in wheel arches for sound damping properties. Used in: Car manufacturing, Bodyshops, Workshops, Metal working industries, Bus building, RV vehicles, Bus and Truck industries.

Method of use:
Shake before use. The surface to be applied has to be firm, clean, dry and free from corrosion and grease. Apply the Stonechip protection on the surface with a pressure gun, 2-4 bar is normally optimal. Recommended spraying distance is 20-30 cm. To reach a closed film, it is recommended to apply a wet film of about 2-3 mm thickness. Drying is normally done at RT but it can be speeded up by drying at maximum 40°C. The product is applied with very low overspray. Product can be removed with warm water before drying and with solvents when dried.

After completely dried, DINITROL 449 can be overpainted with all common 2 K acrylic paints, resin and basic lacquers and water borne paints. The adhesion of these paints has been tested according to ISO 2409 after 24 h with result Gt 0. As there are several different paints available on the market, it is recommended to make compatibility test.

The product is frost sensitive and shall be stored at temperatures 10-30°C. Protect the packagings from direct sun light and heat. Store the product dry and in the recommended temperature range and the product has a shelf life of 12 months.

Technical data sheet DINITROL products, rust treatments, corrosion protection, cavity waxes, vehicle body repair fillers, rust convertors classic cars, cars, land rover, commercial vehicles HGV

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