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Product - Dinitrol Full Rustproofing Kit - Small Car/ 4x4 vehicle - Beige clear/transparent underbody | Dinitrol Direct


Dinitrol Full Rustproofing Kit - Small Car/ 4x4 vehicle - Beige clear/transparent underbody

Rustproofing Kit for small Size 4x4 vehicles - Available in 500ml Aerosols or 1 Litre Schultz Cans 

The vehicle itself must be in pristine condition, ZERO RUST & ZERO GREASE/OIL upon the surface prior to treatment.

It will not stick to rust, and it does not contain any rust inhibitors, this it is suitable for the underbody of vehicles if the condition of the vehicle is rust free and clean.



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Product description:

500ml Aerosol Kit Contains:-

  • 10 x DINITROL® ML Cavity wax- 500ml Aerosols
  • 14 x DINITROL® 4010 - 500ml Aerosols
  • 1 x DINITROL® RC900 Rust Convertor 400ml aerosol
  • 2 x DINITROL® Aerosol Extension Hose Nozzle Attachment
  • 1 x DINITROL® RC900 Extension Nozzle
  • 1 x DINITROL® Trigger for RC900 Aerosol
  • 25 x DINITROL® Plastic Plugs

1 Litre Schultz Cans Kit Contains

  • 4 x DINITROL® ML Cavity wax 1 Litre Shultz Cans
  • 5 x DINITROL® 4010 1 Litre Shultz Cans
  • 1 x DINITROL® RC900 Rust Convertor 400ml aerosol
  • 1 x DINITROL® Trigger for RC900
  • 1 x DINITROL® RC900 Extension Nozzle
  • 1 x DINITROL® HS Spray Tool
  • 25 x DINITROL® Plastic Plugs


DINITROL® ML Shultz Cans is a penetrating brown cavity wax for doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices, ideal for rust proofing second-hand cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

DINITROL® RC900 Aerosol is a specialist rust converter that contains a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin, this actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex, drying into an impermeable barrier against further corrosion. RC900 penetrates 7-10 times deeper than standard rust converters and is also over paintable.

Step by step product application guide:

Step 1 – Preparation of the vehicle.
We recommend that the application areas are cleaned before applying the products, this can be achieved  by either steam cleaning or using a wire brush to clean down to remove any loose material to find the solid base metal. Once dry mask up any areas that you do not want to spray such as exhausts, brakes, electrics or radiator. Wear suitable protective clothing and place plastic floor covering under the vehicle to protect the surface from product drips.

Step 2 – Apply RC900 Rust Convertor.

By applying a converter you must remove any flaking rust and apply the rust converter to the remaining rust making sure the edges are coated to ensure a good seal. You may need to repeat the application a couple of times, a good indicator that the rust has been treated is you’ll notice the surface will appear black. It’s also important that when applying a rust converter you allow at least 1-2 days for the surface to completely dry with no moisture present before applying the cavity waxes or underbody coatings over the treated areas.

Step 3 – Spray cavity wax into all box sections and doors.

Using an injection pipe or extension nozzle start to inject the product into internal bodywork and chassis cavities. Please note injection pipes or lances are for cavity wax applications only and not for applying vehicle underbody coatings. Slowly retract through the pillar or box sections whilst applying the product, listening for the spray.

Step 3B – Also apply a thin coat of the cavity wax to the underside of the vehicle.
With the vehicle now raised on suitable ramps you can inject the cavity wax into all the underbody cavities. Before starting the underbody coating treatment apply a thin mist coat of DINITROL® ML to the underside of the vehicle. DINITROL® ML revitalises any existing or previously applied coatings and helps with the adhesion of the underbody coating whilst retracting into existing corrosion. The DINITROL® ML cavity wax coating also contains rust inhibitors and you should allow around 24 hours for the product to dry before going on to the next step. 

Step 4 – Apply the 4010.
After the DINITROL® ML has cured you can now start applying the underbody coating. You must apply the coating in even layers by building up the thickness. To obtain the optimum protection a typical thickness of 700 microns wet should be applied this will dry to around 500 microns. The underbody coating combats the highly corrosive effects of road salt and abrasion. It needs to be applied to either painted or metal.

Step 5 – To clean excess or over spray .
To clean equipment use auto cleaner.

For engine compartments you can use DINITROL® Corroheat 4010 clear wax.
This product is specifically design for engine compartments and will withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Once dry the product creates a hard transparent film that is resistant to both alkaline and acids.

RECOMMENDATION:  Retreat the cavity wax every 5 years
Also remember to inspect the underbody annually and touch the coating where necessary to check the surface in more detail.

Health & Safety Information

Please note before applying the products we strongly recommend that suitable PPE items should be worn during application such as Goggles, Mask, Gloves and Overalls.

IMPORTANT: Please note auto cleaner are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a smell inside of the vehicle initially from the products and possibly a small amount of smoke from around the exhaust area, these are only temporary and will dissipate over a couple of days.