DINITROL Wet film Gauge Tool


The tool is perfect for measuring that the correct thickness has been applied with vehicle underbody chassis coatings

The DINITROL Wet film gauge is a great tool for the measurement of wet or dry film within the range 5 to 1500 micrometer. 1 x DINITROL Wet film gauge supplied.

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Range of use:
Measurement of wet or dry film within the range 5 to 1500 micrometer, or 0.2 to 60 mills. Gauge indicates the film thickness between two values.

If the tooth “50” touches the film and the tooth “70” does not, the film is more then 50, but less them 70.

Use a flat, not curved surfaces for measurement.

Wet film
Press the gauge through the film to the metal and observe teeth touching the film. For easy observation press the gauge on a white paper and observe mark left on the paper.

Dry film
Pull the gauge across the surface and observe the lines left by the measuring teeth. The correct film thickness of a compound is stated in the Technical Data Sheets.

Technical properties:

  • Size: 60x52x1.5 mm (2.4×2.05×0.06”)
  • Measurement field “μ”: 5 to 1500 micron
  • Measurement field “Mil”: 0.2 to 60 mills


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