FAHER – Powerful PRE-MOT Cleanser – 200ml Bottle


Power cleansing product for injection and carburettor systems

This oil based product that decreases friction between components by up to 90%, it also has high detergency characteristics. Cleans carbon deposits and lubricates protecting against corrosion of the injection or carburation system. Also protects against Ethanol and subsequently reduces fuel consumption and pollution (CO, NOx, CO2, HC and O2) which makes this product unique in its category. Improving combustion and increasing the octane level. (1 x 200ml bottle supplied)


In a light vehicle, add 200ml in a quarter of a tank (around 15 liters). Allow the engine to run until almost out of Petrol which is enough to sufficiently clean and lubricate even those systems in a poor condition.

MAINTENANCE – 0,5% , 200ml for 400l of petrol or 1000ml for 2000l.

Lead Substitute – 1% 200ml for 200l of petrol or 1000ml for 1000l.

Competition / Increase Engine Performance – 2,5% 200ml for 83l of petrol or 1000ml for 416l.

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