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Genuine DINITROL® product guarantee

It’s come to our attention that some online sellers and retailers have been selling non-genuine products that do not provide the premium OEM approved quality compared with the official high quality DINITROL® brand. We strongly recommend you purchase genuine DINITROL® products and services safely from our many authorised official online and retail stockists and listed treatment centres across the UK accessible on this website.

Five good reasons why you should not use counterfeit fake products

The counterfeit product may have been thinned down with an unknown solvent or mixed with harmful chemicals.
It may not even be a DINITROL product with the item being a low grade inferior cheap alternative.
Counterfeit products are usually not compliant with any regulations and never tested for quality assurance.
Using counterfeit products could infringe health and safety laws presenting significant harmful risks.
The product may not work and this could lead to endangering lives if an accident occurs due to product failure, making you legally liable for any compensation claims.

Official appointed retail stockists and online sellers

By purchasing DINITROL® products from the official retail stockists, online sellers and distributors present on this site. You are guaranteed to receive 100% genuine products that are OEM approved.

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Treatment Provider

Please note: DINITROL® does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centres or providers in the UK. Due to this reason we have provided a Checklist with questions we recommend you ask your preferred treatment provider prior to proceeding with any applications. Please click here to read the information containing useful questions that you should ask the treatment provider.

A good treatment with a poor product is better than a poor treatment with a good product. DINITROL give you the best of both world’s.

Due to this reason it’s important you only purchase genuine products from a reputable company listed on this website. If you are looking for a professional treatment provider in your local area we recommend using our location search finder tool and also reading our checklist.

Remember professional treatment providers should be applying the products with a spray gun feeding from a barrel, rather than using 1 Litre schutz cans or aerosols that are associated with D.I.Y. applications. Also before choosing a treatment provider to carry out the rustproofing application, we recommend visiting their premises and checking that they are using genuine DINITROL products for the ultimate protection.

DINITROL OEM approved professional products are manufactured in Germany.


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