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Q1 Automotive Masking Products

Did you know Q1 automotive premium masking solutions are available for purchase on the official DINITROL® UK website?

Purchase professional vehicle masking products ideal for vehicle rustproofing or paint re-spray projects.

When painting a car or applying a rustproofing underbody chassis coating with DINITROL® corrosion protection products it’s incredibly important that the vehicle is masked to protect the areas that don’t require coating. All professional vehicle body shops usually combine three solutions including masking film, masking tape and masking paper to ensure they are able to achieve professional results without the danger of over-spray or bleed occurring. The Q1 product range is a comprehensive collection of professional automotive masking solutions that will allow you to achieve an excellent finish.

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Q1 Automotive masking products

However we understand protecting a vehicle can be a real challenge due to various materials used for the trim and the wide array of different surfaces. Due to this reason it’s essential that professional masking product solutions are used to avoid unsightly bleed on profiles and trims that can ruin the paint application with fuzzy edges being noticeable. Below you can find out how Q1 automotive masking products can assist when applying a vehicle rustproofing underbody treatment or respraying a vehicle.

Q1 Automotive paint masking tape

We only recommend using Q1 automotive masking tape when a particular surface area on a vehicle cannot be covered by masking paper or film. This usually includes the tail lights, rearview mirrors, sunroofs, jambs, door edges, rubber trims, headlights and the front grille. Also if you need to mask door jambs and rubber trims we strongly recommend using a foam masking paper rather than just applying tape.

Q1 Automotive Masking Products vehicle paint respray vehicle rustproofing underbody chassis coatng uk dinitrol direct corrosion protection coatings

Using Q1 paint masking tape with automotive masking paper

These two products used together provide an excellent solution for masking an automotive vehicle before applying a DINITROL® rustproofing treatment or paint respraying. When applying the masking paper to the vehicle body we recommend a tape on tape application with both edges of the area you have to paint and the border of the paper for professional results.

How to use paint masking tape with automotive masking film

When masking a vehicle before paint spraying the upper parts are usually masked with films due to the material being easier to manipulate and lighter than conventional regular masking paper. Another great benefit of using masking film is that it clings to the vehicle body preventing any slipping from the surface.

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Q1 Masking solutions are available for purchase on the website and provide professional protection for car paint spraying refinish and DINITROL® rustproofing coating applications. Buy Q1 automotive masking solutions including bundle kits.

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