Railway OEM Solutions
DINITROL product systems are extensively applied throughout the railway vehicle manufacturing industry sector and aftermarket.
During railway vehicle assembly DINITROL OEM approved bonding and sealing solutions are used for screen and window installation along with side wall, floor panel and roof air conditioning fitting applications. Our extensive range of corrosion prevention coatings are used by many leading railway vehicle manufacturers to protect boom sections and wheel sets along with providing abrasion and sound damping solutions. With our new DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System the driving away time has been drastically reduced from 12 hours (Industry average) to 4 hours greatly minimising your out of service statistics due to maintenance repair with railway vehicle glazing applications.

Sealants (Sprayable / Spreadable)

Watch the video we have an extensive range of OEM approved railway industry solutions for front screen, front mask, side window, walls and floor panel bonding or sealing. With innovative technologies that include: Polyurethane, MS Polymer, STP Polymer, Butyl and PIB product application solutions.

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OEM approved DINITROL Railway product application information
Click on the train diagram below to download a full diagram also containing the full product information available by clicking on the Toggles underneath.

Fire retardant putty for Railway Industry

DINITROL 11003 IQ LW FR is a lightweight putty with fire retarding properties, approved according to EN 45545, R1/R7, HL2 and is easily sandable. The product suited to the rail industry has a low viscosity along with long open and short drying time.

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For more information on our specialist OEM approved railway industry corrosion protection, adhesives and bonding & sealing products please get in touch. Our products are also ideal for train operators when conducting routine maintenance and interior repairs.

DINITROL UK technical product application specialists will work closely with your organisation and provide a professional consultation, with detailed reports to ensure we recommend the most suitable solution for your business. We can also provide comprehensive product application testing including corrosion resistance research with our in-house laboratory salt spray chamber and climatic chamber service.

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