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Range Rover Classic for Sale

Range rover classic for sale

The Range Rover is the ultimate in off-road luxury sport utility vehicles (SUV) and even though launched in 1970 still sets the standard for all SUV manufacturers across the world. Originally designed and built by British Leyland in Solihull, West Midlands. The front engine four wheel drive was later produced by Jaguar Land Rover, now owned by the global conglomerate Tata Motors group. The Range Rover still remains the vehicle of choice by Royal Families, Arab Sheiks and billionaires around the world. Their are many classic car enthusiasts and restoration specialists searching for Range Rover Classic for Sale across the UK. This magnificent piece of British automotive design and engineering provides a challenging and rewarding vehicle restoration project.

Series one Range rover classic for sale

The series one Range Rover was developed in 1966 by engineers Spen King and Gordon Bashford with a previous project in 1951 the Rover P4 being abandoned to create a larger model of the already successful Land Rover Series. After launching the series one in 1970 the prestigious Musee du Lourve in Paris exhibited the Range Rover to present the ‘exemplary work of industrial design’. It would be 1972 before the vehicles legendary off-road capability would be recognised with modified Range Rovers entered into the first north to south road based expedition of the Americas. Whilst negotiating the dangerous Darien Gap a substantial area in the Panama region that is covered with hazardous swampland and thick forests.

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Finding the perfect range rover classic for sale

Due to the huge success of the robust and practical series one SUV Range Rover, the vehicle model was still being produced until 1996. However prior to 1981 the Range Rover only existed in a 2 door body chassis with early models being fitted with vinyl seats and plastic dashboards for practically so they could easily be cleaned and washed with a hose in outdoor conditions. All the luxury fixtures associated with Range Rovers including power steering, air conditioning, fitted carpet, wooden trim and leather seats would be introduced into the prestigious marque later. Many of these series one Range rover classic for sale, can be found on automotive trading platforms.

With the vehicle soon being recognised for reliability when driving in some of the toughest environmental conditions globally especially in off-road challenging situations. The Range Rover was quickly identified to be a great utility vehicle, and is still widely used by the Police to patrol motorways and the armed forces.

Series two Range rover classic for sale

The second generation Range Rover was launched in 1995 with the vehicle manufacturer now under BMW ownership a 2.5 Litre BMW six cylinder turbo diesel model variant was introduced into the range. During the third generation launch of the Range Rover the SUV vehicle was designed to share the same systems and components found on BMW’s luxury flagship saloon the 7 series.

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With the Fourth generation Range Rover being launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The luxury SUV vehicle manufacturer released a more eco-friendly diesel powered hybrid electric model the following year a the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you are looking to buy a classic Range Rover the luxury SUV can be a costly vehicle to own. Due to complicated complex engineering and incorporating the latest technology, they are built with numerous costly parts. With the substantial running costs and ongoing maintenance associated with owning a Range Rover, the vehicle has become a recognised symbol for displaying wealth.

Have you found a Range rover classic for sale, protect the vehicle with DINITROL rustproofing

With many owners only using the vehicles in urban areas rather than off road driving conditions they fail to recognise the requirement for the vehicle underbody to be protected with a rustproofing and anti-stone chip protection treatment.

Range Rover Rustproofing treatment applications

To avoid potentially expensive maintenance bills due to the premature replacement of parts we recommend visiting a local DINITROL Treatment centre to have your Range Rover checked for corrosion and evidence of rusting. DINITROL rustproofing treatment products can also provide protection in off-road conditions and protect the under carriage from surface rain water an ingress. Also within the comprehensive range of suitable Range Rover rustproofing treatment applications we also have coatings that provide excellent sound deadening properties.

DINITROL Range Rover D.I.Y. Rustproofing Kits

If you are working within a tight budget constraints. Why not purchase a DINITROL Off-road 4×4 vehicle D.I.Y. Rustproofing kit and apply the treatments yourself. We have convenient aerosol rustproofing kits and 1 Litre shutz can variants, that can be applied in conjunction with an air compressor and undercoating gun to achieve a more professional finish. We also sell additional accessories including personal protection safety kits, masking kits and DINITROL RC900 a chelat based epoxy primer that converts rust into a stable organic iron complex. We also have step by step D.I.Y. 4×4 off road vehicle treatment guides available on the website.

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Range Rover Classic Restoration

If you are starting a Range Rover classic restoration project and looking to use DINITROL rustproofing treatments including penetrating cavity wax and underseal products please enter the vehicle into a vehicle restoration competition and send us your photographs including any information to support the Range Rover’s provenance. If you require Range Rover classic parts their are many sources online selling axles, transmission, brakes, engine, gearbox, exhaust and clutches.

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