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Replacement railway vehicle glazing

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new market leading manual application system for the replacement of rail vehicle glazing that greatly reduces the time of the railway engine or rail carriage being out of service due to window glazing maintenance and repair.

With this improved product you can drive the train away after 4 hours rather than 12 hours. Compared with many competitor products currently in the rail vehicle glazing sector.

The new DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System product specially designed for the fast replacement of rail vehicle glazing, bus and coach vehicle glazing. Greatly improves the process by drastically reducing the time required with the vehicle being out of service. DINITROL® 516 A/B is a 2-component adhesive system with a moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive and reactive accelerating paste. By using the 2-component system together you have the perfect solution for the industrial gluing of glazing in the railway and bus/coach vehicle construction industry sectors.

The DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System can be used for many applications

mainly used for rail vehicle glazing replacement the product is suitable for many applications within the rail, bus and coach construction sectors including the gluing and sealing of front masts, roof modules, floor tiles, air conditioning, side walls and C-profiles. The product resists ageing and weathering whilst providing a controlled curing.

How does DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System product work

Once the A part polyurethane adhesive is mixed with the B part accelerating paste the product cures to create a rubber-like elastic adhesive substance that is resistant to ageing whilst providing excellent adhesive and mechanical properties. Also another great feature of this 2C-system product is the fact that no Co2 is produced when the 2-component adhesive cures for this railway and bus/coach construction application solution. The additional benefit of not creating Co2 during the curing process means that gluing and jointing can be conducted without creating bubbles. The DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System A component is conveniently supplied in 400ml or 600ml foil wraps for convenient professional application with a special glue gun that we can also supply. The additional component in this 2C-System the B product accelerating paste is added by means of a special mini cartridge with a mixing ratio of 100:7. FREE of solvents and PVC the DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System product has been extensively OEM tested and approved whilst having homogeneous mixing and low odour characteristics.

Useful product application tips and advice

We strongly recommend that all surfaces to be glued must be throughly cleaned and pre-treated before starting any application process. With our in-house technical department recommending that you conduct trials with the DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System before fully implementing via testing. We are happy to assist with any product information or application advice that you may require. When applying the product we recommend an average room temperature from 10°C to 35°C for optimal results. Contact a local official appointed DINITROL® distributor today based in the UK to discuss your requirements.

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