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Rodger Dudding Car Collection

Rodger Dudding Car Collection

Nicknamed ‘Mr Lock Up’ Rodger Dudding the owner of Studio 434 has an astonishing 420 classic cars within his privation collection. The former British Royal Navy engineer apprentice is estimated to be worth around £162 million. He also currently owns around 14,000 lock-up garages, throughout the Midlands and southern England. With the Studio 434 Rodger Dudding Car Collection being featured on the Top Gear Car Magazine show presented by Jeremy Clarkson during 2011. Rodger Dudding is commonly accredited with having the largest private collection of classic cars in Europe.

The Rodger Dudding Car Collection contains Aston Martin Lagonda’s

The self-made entrepreneur initially achieved his fortune from a unique ticket queuing system idea when he founded Lonsto International Limited in 1970. With the public queue management systems still popular today particularly in butchers and delicatessen around the world. It’s astonishing that the studio 434 classic car collection contains 24 Aston Martin Lagonda’s and a 1952 Morris Minor previously owned by his father. The impressive collection is a testament to his passion for beautifully designed and engineered iconic automotive vehicles. This unique collection of classic cars and memorabilia provides over 100 years of automotive history and is valued at over £40 million pounds.

Rodger Dudding Car Collection Hire Service

Also, due to Rodger Dudding being an astute businessman the cars at Studio 434 are not left undercover in storage. The Studio 434 collection of vintage, modern and classic cars are an invaluable resource for many film directors, TV producers and advertising agencies across the UK. Due to this reason, they are regularly hiring these iconic and often rare classic cars for TV commercials and programmes. By Studio 434 providing this unique specialist hire service for classic car and vintage cars.

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Many vehicles from the Rodger Dudding collection have appeared in Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders and Mr Selfridge flagship period drama shows. It’s also possible to hire a classic car or vintage car from the Studio 434 collection and experience the luxury and refinement of being chauffeured in style.
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Classic Car Collection Restoration & Rustproofing

When owning a classic car collection no matter what the size, it’s important that you implement a documented corrosion protection plan schedule to ensure all vehicles are well maintained and prevent rusting. With the DINITROL Corrosion Protection range, you will find a wide range of underbody chassis coatings, anti-stone-chip coatings, cavity waxes, engine preservation treatments and specialist rust converters.

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