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Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

Throughout the automotive manufacturing industry and aftermarket the common term ‘rustproofing’ usually refers to the rust prevention of vehicles. During automotive vehicle production the car body frames are usually protected with phosphate conversion coatings. However it’s also common for automotive vehicle manufacturers to galvanise the whole or part of the body frame for rust prevention. During galvanising the steel vehicle body-frame is coated with a fine layer of zinc to prevent water and oxygen attacking the metal underneath. With the effects of corrosion leading to rust becoming visible on the surface. This reaction is an example of redox occurring the reduction part is the removal of the oxygen and the oxidation is the introduction of oxygen with usually water to the substance during the reaction. Scientifically the rusting of steel or iron is the reaction of iron, oxygen and water with the end product being hydrated iron oxide the familiar orange and brown rust we commonly see. The zinc is commonly called the sacrificial metal due to being more reactive than iron when losing their electrons. Normally once the vehicle paint is applied in the factory this forms the final top rust prevention layer for the body frame.

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Rust prevention for your vehicle underbody

Before the vehicle leaves the automotive manufacturing factory an underseal coating is applied to the under-body chassis area usually a black bitumen based elastic rubberised or PVC based layer for rust prevention. However due to the vehicle under-body chassis coating becoming damaged due to abrasion with road sand, stone chips or road debris, this layer can quickly lead to corrosion occurring due to exposed areas of metal. Also during winter when the vehicle chassis is exposed to the extremely corrosive effects of rock salt it’s very important that the under-body is treated quickly with an effective rust prevention coating.

Rust Prevention treatments & rust convertor for your vehicle

DINITROL D.I.Y. Rustproofing kits provide a complete rust prevention solution for your vehicle with them incorporating DINITROL 4941 / Car a black self healing under-body chassis sealant and DINITROL 3125 HS a penetrating cavity wax. The vehicle rustproofing bundles also contain DINITROL RC900 a specialist application treatment that converts rust into a stable organic iron complex. For rust prevention of the vehicle cavity areas including sills, enclosed body sections, crevices, doors, bonnet and side panels the cavity wax can be injected usually with a lance attachment or under-body coating gun.

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Rust Prevention with vehicle underbody corrosion protection

Apart from looking very unattractive and devaluing your vehicle if not treated rust can affect the body-frame structure, and in extreme conditions the car could be deemed not roadworthy. Many drivers fail to see the danger of rust until they incur very expensive maintenance repairs. Usually with component replacement and sometimes metal must be cut back with new metal welded into place. In order to protect your vehicle we recommend visiting a DINITROL Treatment Centre for a yearly inspection with a full rustproofing treatment every 2 years.

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