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Rust Protection

Rust protection

We are frequently asked what is the best DINITROL rust protection product however it really is dependent on the particular circumstances and desired application. The extensive DINITROL anti corrosion range contains many specialist rust protection coatings that are ideal for different situations.

What types of rust protection are available

Normally iron or steel objects are protected by a surface finishing or a treatment coating usually paint, spray on wax or rustproofing product coating to protect the metal from becoming exposed to water and oxygen. When water and oxygen reacts with steel or iron in metal, rusting occurs and the familiar orange and brownish rust ochre becomes visible on the surface. Even though cars are usually now made from galvanised steel and have rust protection coatings applied during production they will still rust over time. The DINITROL corrosion protection range contains vehicle underseal, cavity waxes, engine compartment, storage, transportation and universal surface coatings.

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The only metals that don’t rust are ‘noble’ pure metals due to being un-reactive they don’t combine with other elements to form new compounds. These metals are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and stainless steel due to it containing nickel and chromium. Unfortunately due to these metals being incredibly expensive they are not used in the production of automotive vehicles.

What’s the best rust protection for my vehicle.

If you live in a coastal town your vehicle is more exposed to the effects of the highly corrosive effects of salt. Humid weather conditions can also accelerate the effects of corrosion including driving through surface water, particularly in the winter months when road salt can be present. Due to these reasons it’s important that your vehicle undercarriage is protected with a DINITROL underseal rustproofing coating. Remember rust can seriously damage the panels on your vehicle and in extreme cases compromise the strength of the vehicle body frame. Choosing the correct OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) rustproofing product is vital to provide your vehicle with the ultimate protection against rust.

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How can I provide rust protection for my vehicle?

If you are looking for a rust protection treatment for your vehicle visit a local DINITROL Treatment Centre they can provide a comprehensive rustproofing service. You also have the additional peace of mind that the vehicle has been inspected by a professional rustproofing technician. Our alternatively you may wish to purchase a DINITROL D.I.Y. Rustproofing kit and conduct the vehicle rust protection treatment yourself by following our step by step guides.

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Is rust a serious problem in the UK we don’t have much snow or harsh winters?

Even though automotive vehicle manufacturers have improved their rust protection within the last 20 years it’s still important to check the under carriage regularly. Sometimes rust can go unnoticed behind plastic protection covers around the underbody chassis area due to rain and surface water collecting in the panels. DINITROL Rust protection products are ideal for rustproofing classic cars, land rover, off road 4×4 SUV & commercial vehicles including HGV trucks, vans, coaches, buses and taxis.

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