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Rust Remover

Rust Remover

Do you want to know how to remove rust? If you are currently starting a new classic car restoration project or conducting ongoing maintenance with older cars, for example, it’s very likely you’ll require a suitable rust remover product. Whilst searching the internet you’ll find many rust remover solutions that utilise common products found within the home including white vinegar, baking soda or lime & salt. These D.I.Y. home-made rust remover solutions work by absorbing the corrosion surface stain allowing you to wipe away, however, this method is only effective if a very small rust spot is found in the early stages and usually unreliable. To make sure you have treated the rust successfully to prevent any further corrosion we strongly recommend purchasing a professional OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product from a reputable company like DINITROL UK who specialises in this area. Also for complete peace of mind DINITROL corrosion protection products are still manufactured within Germany to ensure the highest quality standards are continually maintained to provide the customer with the ultimate rust remover solution.

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How does a rust remover work?

In order to understand how a rust remover functions you need to be aware that the burnt orange ochre oxide visible on the surface is due to a chemical reaction with iron or alloy that contains iron like steel when the surface comes into contact with oxygen and moisture. During this chemical reaction, the oxygen combines with the metal to form a new oxide compound that we commonly call ‘rust’. You must also be aware that rust can affect the structural properties of metal making the affected area much weaker, rendering the object unsafe.

Why use a rust remover product?

It’s important to apply a rust remover to prevent any further corrosion and the stop the affected area from further spreading across the metal surface. Due to rust being able to spread by merely coming into contact with metal surface areas or objects that are not affected means you need to treat the corroded rust area immediately once located to remove this danger. With vehicles usually, the first initial evidence of rust are small cracks, scratches or paint nicks however if not treated the prolonged exposure to moisture and oxygen will lead to the metal becoming more brittle and the appearance of holes.
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What types of rust remover or rust converter product solutions are available?

Usually, professional rust remover products contain oxalic acid, phosphoric acid or general acids that react within the surface once applied to amend the molecular structure. For example, a rust remover containing oxalic acid will neutralise the corroded area whilst products utilising phosphoric acid will convert the corroded area into an iron phosphate. Our DINITROL RC900 rust remover incorporates a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin that converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex.

Once applied can you paint over the rust remover?

Most rust remover products are over-paintable however you need to check this with each individual rust remover product manufacturer before purchasing. Usually, this information can be found on the product reverse label or by reading the TDS (technical data sheet). With DINITROL RC900 rust converter & primer the treated surface area is suitable for over painting or applying additional corrosion protection coatings that could include DINITROL underbody chassis, anti-stone chip and cavity wax treatment applications.

Can you recommend a rust remover product?

If you are looking for a professional rust remover product we can recommend our DINITROL RC900 product that penetrates 7 to 10 times deeper when compared to similar competitor brands. The rust converter & primer once applied forms a suitable base surface for over-painting and prevents further corrosion due to the coating providing an impermeable barrier. Also DINITROL RC900 rust converter is supplied in a convenient easy to apply aerosol can. You simply spray the DINITROL RC900 rust remover product onto the affected area by coating and reapplying with additional treatments until the surface area turns black. Please note: between treatment applications you must allow the coating to completely dry before reapplying subsequent coatings. Please note if you would like some advice or further information with regards to rust remover treatment applications please contact our customer services team, we are members of the Institute of Corrosion (iCorr) and can provide specialist knowledge gained whilst working with many global automotive and industrial manufacturers globally.

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How should the treatment area be prepared before applying the rust remover?

How to get rid if rust. Before applying the rust converter it’s important that the treatment area is completely cleaned by removing any loose rust with a wire brush and sandpaper. You also need to remove any surface grease and dirt residue that may be present. Also, don’t forget to remove any peeling or chipped paint, usually this is also evidence that rust has crept underneath the coating and must be completely removed before treatment to prevent further corrosion occurring. We advise checking your vehicle regularly for the early signs of rust, allowing you to treat the corrosion problem early with a rust remover to avoid expensive repair bills. When examining the vehicle for corrosion don’t forget to check the under-body chassis area and wheel arches frequently due to road salt and other contaminants found in road surface water significantly increasing the molecular oxidisation reaction speed. If you own a classic car catching and treating any signs of corrosion quickly with an OEM approved professional rust converter is essential to protect your investment. DINITROL corrosion protection products are perfect for car rust treatment applications whether the vehicle is old or new.

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