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Rust Treatment

Rust Treatment

With vehicles, metal objects or surfaces it’s important that any signs of corrosion are identified early and a suitable rust treatment applied to prevent further rusting. With DINITROL RC800 or RC900 products, the rust treatment can be applied directly to the surface and will convert evident rust on corroded ferrous substrates into a stable organic complex to prevent further corrosion. The DINITROL rust treatment products work by creating a protective surface barrier against oxygen or moisture that prevents further penetration thus stopping corrosion. With the DINITROL RC800 product the co-polymer latex rust treatment can be brushed onto the surface whilst with DINITROL RC900, the organic chelat base epoxy base resin rust converter can be conveniently sprayed onto the affected area. With most rust treatment products the identification that the area has been protected against further corrosion, is the surface area becomes black in colour and this a common characteristic with most rust removers available for sale across the world.

Preparing to apply a rust treatment

Before applying any rust treatment most people fail to acknowledge that the correct preparation is absolutely crucial to avoid application failure, along with wasting your time and money on products that will eventually lead to further corrosion occurring. When planning to apply a rust treatment it’s vital that any loose rust or flaking paint is completely removed to ensure you have a stable layer for applying the product and avoid failure. It must also be noted that any grease or salt present must also be fully removed from the surface, however, you must avoid blasting the area with a jet washer this will merely force the grease further into the metal surface pores promoting future corrosion.

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Completely degrease the area before applying a rust treatment

Due to this reason, we can’t emphasize the importance of using a suitable degreaser that will break down the grease, completely removing the unwanted corrosive substance by emulsifying and foaming, leaving the surface free from any oily residue.

rust treatment chelat base corrosion protection surface area preparation rock salt road salt degreaser steam cleaning vehicle chassis dinitrol rust converters

All road salt must be removed prior to rust treatment

Along with grease, you must also ensure any salt residue is not present on the surface. Unfortunately, being an island nation we are surrounded by the sea whilst living in humid conditions that provide perfect atmospheric conditions for promoting rust. Plus your vehicle is at greater risk of premature rusting around the chassis area due to the rock salt spread across our roads throughout the winter months. With the high-risk potential threats present of further corrosion reappearing if the surface application treatment area is not completely cleaned removing all dirt, grime and residue including salt or grease are essential.

rust treatment corrosion protection preparation surface rock salt road salt grease oil residue chassis vehicle steam cleaning zinc primer dinitrol rc800 rust converter

Rust Treatment why preparation is important

We hope you now understand the importance of preparation prior to applying a rust treatment after reading this article. Ensuring the treatment area is properly cleaned with a steam cleaner and professional concentrated degreaser detergent will thoroughly break down any grease present on the surface. Finally, rinse the treatment area with fresh water and leave to completely dry by using a suitable professional humidity metre prior to applying the rust remover application. Applying a rust converter to the surface before completely dry will simply trap moisture under the surface leading to further corrosion and rusting.

Over-paintable Rust Treatment

With DINITROL RC900 once you are satisfied that the treatment area is completely black in colour and has penetrated the surface preventing further corrosion. You may wish to apply a paint or further corrosion protection coating directly on top due to being over paintable. However, for the ultimate protection, you may wish to apply a Zinc Primer like DINITROL 443 prior to painting.

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