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Rusty Car

Rusty Car

Is buying a rusty car still a problem in the UK? If you go back to before the early 1980s pretty much every car manufacturer brand in the world had serious rusty car issues. It was a well-known fact that Lancia and Alfa Romeo would even start to rust whilst still in the showroom. During this period of automotive history, the German car manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen soon started to rectify this corrosion issue, by improving build quality. However, even though all car manufacturers eventually started to build better quality vehicles to remove the threat of premature rusting between 1985 to 2000. The problem has started to reappear due to them cutting production costs compromising overall corrosion protection effecting vehicle quality.

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Even the prestigious German automotive manufacturer Mercedes Benz started to reduce production costs with the aim of increasing profitability that led to the iconic global brand becoming tarnished by a negative rusty car image. During more recent times the rusty car problem is still evident with many manufacturers when reviewing vehicles they have produced, are around 10 year’s old. However, Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen still appear to be excellent at protecting cars against corrosion with Lexus still the forerunner.

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How to avoid buying a rusty car

With modern vehicles, it’s quite easy to purchase a rusty car due to most buyers failing to check behind plastic under-trays, sill covers and wing liners. These vehicle panels that are now a common feature with new cars, retain moisture. With this eventually leading to the perforation of panels with surface corrosion becoming evident. Also attending an annual MOT test will not highlight the fact that you own a rusty car due to the plastic panels very rarely being removed during the inspection.

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Reduce your chances of owning a rusty car.

To avoid owning a rusty car we strongly recommend keeping your vehicle clean by regularly removing dirt residue and road salt that is a corrosion accelerator. It’s also very important that you conduct regular maintenance inspection checks around the vehicle. To identify and repair any scrapes or dents that will quickly start bubbling and corrode, leaving you with an old unloved rusty car. You can also research vehicle manufacturer car owner reviews online to avoid buying a rusty car. In a recent survey published by the Sun Newspaper, it was documented that the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Street KA, Toyota Rav, Volkswagen Polo and Mini car all suffered from rust damage. It was also a shock to find the luxury SUV Range Rover Sport within the top 8 vehicle models likely to prematurely rust in the news feature.

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How to avoid owning a rusty car with rust proofing.

To avoid owning a rusty car we recommend regularly also inspecting the vehicle chassis under-body and inside the cavities including foot-wells, wheel arches, luggage and engine compartment along with the doors, wing and bonnet sections. This additional checking will allow you to identify any signs of corrosion earlier and treat the area with a rust converter before over-painting to re-protect the surface from further rusting. Within the DINITROL vehicle corrosion protection product range we can recommend DINITROL ML a penetrating cavity wax that is ideal for injection into older cars. Also applying a DINITROL 4941/Car treatment is an excellent under-seal chassis coating that protects your vehicle under-body from stone chippings and water ingress.

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