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Salt Spreaders & Gritters

Underbody chassis corrosion protection & rust proofing treatments

For many local authorities, councils and private operators purchasing a new salt spreading vehicle is a very expensive overhead, when they are only usually required for potentially a couple of weeks during the winter months. During recent years many salt spreading and gritter vehicle manufacturers have made improvements to their vehicle production quality in order to increase the vehicles working life. However salt spreaders & gritting fleet operators in many cases fail to implement a scheduled service plan to protect their salt spreader vehicles with anti-corrosion underbody chassis coatings along with other rust treatment applications. With the UK road network including the movement of commercial goods it’s imperative that your salt spreading vehicles are ready at short notice to clear the UK’s roads before the country grinds to a halt resulting in major disruptions across the country.

Anti-corrosion treatment plans for salt spreaders and gritter fleets protect vehicles against highly corrosive rock salt and grit  
salt spreaders and gritting vehicles council fleet corrosion protection with underbody chassis coatings and rust treatments

Salt Spreaders & Gritters corrosion protection underbody chassis coating

Rock salt when mixed with melting snow is extremely corrosive and can quickly lead to the salt spreader vehicles bodywork and chassis area to start rusting whilst in some cases contributing to parts failure. Implementing a scheduled corrosion protection plan for your salt spreading vehicle fleet with regular inspections will ensure the trucks are well maintained whilst prolonging their working life and avoiding expensive vehicle repair costs that could have been avoided. Coating the vehicles with a DINITROL® underbody chassis coating provides a protective elastic layer that protects the salt spreader from the highly corrosive exposure to rock salt and also protects against stone chipping, road debris and grit. Our professional DINITROL® Treatment Centres can provide regular inspections of your salt spreading vehicle fleets and apply anti corrosion protection products treatments including: Underbody Chassis Coatings, Rust Proofing Coatings, Cavity Waxes, Rust Treatments and Rust  Convertors with a preventative maintenance schedule.

DINITROL Treatment centres provide rust treatment and anti corrosion coatings for salt spreaders and gritters. OEM approved Rust prevention solutions
DINTROL oem approved anti corrosion coatings and rust proofing with vehicle underbody chassis coatings for salt spreaders and gritters 

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