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Stone Chip Paint

Stone Chip Paint

Are you protecting your vehicle chassis with a suitable stone chip paint product coating solution? With the UK highway network continuing to crumble and local councils not repairing roads due to a lack of funds. Deteriorating roads are leaving many vehicle owners with costly suspension damage caused by the increasingly more common problem of potholes. Many motorists fail to recognise the additional risk of stone chipping damage with debris from the pot holes hitting the vehicle chassis. If the stone penetrates the vehicles underbody paint coating to reveal the bare metal underneath, this can soon lead to rusting around the chassis if not repaired.

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Due to this reason we recommend regularly inspecting the vehicle underbody area for any exposed metal caused by stone chipping and applying a suitable stone chip paint treatment to protect the vehicle chassis. To inspect the vehicle thoroughly you’ll also need to remove all the wheels to check inside the arches. If not treated quickly continual exposure with road surface water ingress and rock salt a highly corrosive accelerator, will soon lead to surface rust appearing. If unchecked this issue can present major problems incurring expensive mechanical repairs and welding in extreme circumstances. Even though automotive manufacturers apply an underbody chassis coating during new vehicle production assembly, you should not be solely reliant on this protection.

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Stone Chip Paint Product Guide

Below you’ll find 3 economical professional stone chip paint product recommendations that will provide your vehicle with the ultimate protection. Also if driving off-road protecting the vehicle with a suitable anti stone chip paint coating layer is essential.

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DINITROL 445 Drohnex Stone Chip Paint

The black coloured over paintable DINITROL 445 Drohnex anti stone chipping protective coating is available in convenient easy to use aerosols that are great for conducting small D.I.Y repairs.

DINITROL 448 PYRMOHYD Stone Chip Paint

This product has an extremely elastic water soluble coating that is very effective against stone chippings. DINITROL 448 PYRMOHYD anti stone chip paint provides excellent protection for the front and rear of vehicles including the entrances and door sill areas.

DINITROL 449 Stone Chip Paint

The DINITROL 449 black coloured bitumen based stone chip paint provides additional sound dampening properties. Once applied the environmentally friendly stone chip paint is  extremely flexible forming a highly durable elastic film. Due to the excellent stone-chip resistance properties, this popular stone chip paint is applied by many vehicle manufacturers conducting touch-up repairs. The product is also widely used to protect used vehicle under-bodies including rocker panels, front, rear and wing parts. DINITROL 449 also significantly reduces road noise in the vehicle cabin when applied in the wheel arches. Important customer announcement please note this product is NOT overpaintable.

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Protect your vehicle with DINITROL Stone Chip Paint Products

Protect your chassis today from the crumbling roads by applying a tough DINITROL protective layer stone chip paint coating to your vehicle. DINITROL stone chip paint products are also ideal for protecting agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, excavators and plant machinery. DINITROL anti stone-chip coatings are very popular within the UK amongst 4×4 Off road vehicle and Classic Land Rover owners.

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