With new EU legislation and increasing public awareness of our environmental protection duties, DINITROL have developed a long term operational business strategy to create and manufacture more environmentally friendly sustainable corrosion protection, rust treatments, windscreen replacement sealants, underbody chassis coating, car restoration and vehicle body repair solutions. The internal research and development team at DINITROL are constantly developing new innovative products that are more sustainable whilst not compromising on the high performance qualities that are associated with the OEM approved DINITROL brand. DINITROL are well equipped to face the challenges of creating more eco-friendly products to meet the specific requirements of global automotive and industrial vehicle manufacturers in their pursuit of greener solutions.

Zero Emission

At DINITROL we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and continually strive to develop innovative greener solutions. Our zero emission DINITROL 3620 and DINITROL 3625 products are both air drying solutions and suitable for a wide range of applications. Both cavity protection products have low viscosity characteristics and are ideal for temporary to permanent industrial applications. The professional products can be applied with either airmix or airless systems and they will reduce your business overheads by benefitting from lower ventilation costs and can assist with reducing emission tax fee’s.