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Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection

Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection

Since the release of the Toyota Hilux 4×4 in 1968, the indestructible pickup truck was an instant success due to incredible reliability. Now currently in its 8th generation, the robust Toyota Hilux has earned an impressive reputation for sturdiness after suffering extensive abuse and misuse on the world famous Top Gear car review show then hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

Even when the Top Gear presenters inflicted serious structural damage to the vehicle, this legendary off-road pick-up truck would still drive. This also led to James May racing a modified Toyota Hilux 4×4 2007 pick-up truck model to the north pole during a special Top Gear Polar expedition episode. The Toyota Hilux 4×4 driven by Giniel de Villiers has also performed well in the Dakar Rally commonly referred to be the toughest road race on earth with the vehicle finishing respectfully in second place during the 2012 & 2015 races. With the mass appeal of this multifunction utility vehicle around the globe due to the vehicle being comfortable when subjected to some of the toughest environments whilst enduring hostile driving conditions. Toyota realised the potential of this off-road 4×4 utility vehicle and released the Toyota Trekker a camper van variant specification during 1984 based on the Hilux.

Toyota Hilux Underseal

The Toyota Hilux pick-up is still highly respected in the UK and popular amongst tradesmen and merchants due to the rugged vehicles robustness and all-around uncompromising reliability. However, many owners of Toyota Hilux believe the vehicles to be indestructible and protected against corrosion, unfortunately, they are living with a false sense of security. Due to Japan not using road salt to clear snow and ice during the winter months many vehicles manufactured by Japanese automotive companies simply have inadequate underseal, to protect the chassis underbody from rusting when driven on UK roads. If you conduct a little research on Google you will notice many owners of newer Toyota Hilux vehicles reporting heavily corroded chassis problems in forums including heavy surface rust, even when the pick-up vehicle is only a few years old.

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Toyota Hilux Rust Prevention

Also if your Toyota Hilux 4×4 is an imported model from the Asian region they simply don’t receive the same enhanced level of corrosion protection rust prevention treatments compared with Toyota Hilux built and exported for the Northern hemisphere. Due to this reason, we urge all owners of imported Toyota Hilux pickup trucks in the UK to visit a local DINITROL Toyota Hilux treatment provider for a professional rust inspection. Don’t ignore superficial surface rust this can lead to structural repairs that in many cases can incur costly welding repairs or in worst case scenarios the vehicle could be deemed uneconomical to fix.

With many Toyota Hilux owners in the UK using the vehicle for their occupation usually whilst working on building construction sites. The chassis and paint work is at increased risk from stone-chipping damage that will quickly lead to corrosion if the exposed bare metal is not protected.

Toyota Hilux Anti Corrosion Perforation Warranty

Even though Toyota provides a 12-year anti-corrosion perforation warranty in relation to vehicle sheet metal body panels they have a disclaimer that excludes the Hilux from this protective cover. You must also be aware that they only provide a 3-year warranty for surface rust that has become apparent due to poor workmanship or a material failure. For peace of mind, we recommend purchasing a Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection D.I.Y. Rustproofing kit or visiting a local DINITROL treatment provider to seek a quotation. If you have recently purchased a second-hand UK or especially an imported Toyota Hilux 4×4 model, we strongly advise you make it a priority to protect the underbody chassis with a suitable OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer underseal wax coating like DINITROL 4941. However, if you are driving over roads or terrain regularly that are in poor condition, DINITROL 449 a bitumen based anti-stone-chip protection product provides a highly durable elastic film.

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DINITROL Toyota Hilux Rust Proofing Treatments

Also if you currently don’t own a vehicle but are searching to find a Toyota Hilux for sale, make sure you comprehensively check for any surface rust or any perforations. Ideally, ask a qualified vehicle mechanic or rust proofing technician to professionally inspect the underbody chassis and provide an independent report prior to purchasing. DINITROL provide an extensive range of suitable Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection product treatments available for purchase online.

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