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Triumph Herald

Triumph Herald Auto Restoration

The small 2 seater classic car is a highly sought after automotive vehicle by many classic car collectors seeking to add a Triumph Herald to their collections. Originally built in Coventry, West Midlands between 1959 and 1971 over half a million Triumph Herald were manufactured at the automotive production facility. The iconic car was designed by Giovanni Michelotti the infamous Italian stylist born in Turin, who has also created beautiful automobiles for major global sports car manufacturers including Ferrari, Maserati and Lancia.

Triumph Herald created by car designer Giovanni Michelotti

Due to the revolutionary body styling and sweeping lines the Triumph Herald soon became an instant success amongst motorists in post war Britain. With the 2 door car being modified to provide saloon, van, estate, convertible and coupé variants due to a revolutionary bolt together body manufacturing process they had perfected. With chief engineer Harry Webster seeking the services of Giovanni Michelotti to design the Triumph Herald the finished car was simply breathtaking and incredibly innovative for this period in automotive design with the large glass area providing 93% all round visibility and razor edge styling ensured the vehicle was noticed. Also due to the rack and pinion steering engineering fitted into the Triumph Herald a tight 7.6 metre turning circle made the classic car very agile for the race track with a speedometer also fitted.

Triumph Herald Classic Sports Cars

With the Triumph Herald capable of reaching a top speed of around 70mph the prototype cars received the ultimate test of endurance after embarking on a Cape Town to Tangier’s trip driving over some of the harshest terrain in the world. Even with this incredible motoring achievement that also promoted the cars reliability qualities the Triumph Herald was a slow seller initially priced at £700 after a full media public relations launch at the Royal Albert Hall in 1959. The 1st generation of Triumph Herald 949cc cars are extremely rare around the world with it widely estimated that only around 487 exist in working order with 269 being coupé models.

Triumph Herald 1200 Classic Cars for Sale UK

With the original Triumph Herald automotive car manufacturing company suffering financial difficulties during 1960, the Coventry based automotive brand was quickly bought by Leyland Motors. This pivotal moment in the history of the Triumph Herald would see Leyland Motors revamp the car. With a more powerful 1147cc engine fitted increasing the engine power to 39 bhp from the previously lower 34bhp delivered by the original 948cc model. The new owners of the Triumph Herald company made significant advances in improving build quality and reliability whilst also ditching the twin carburettor in favour of the down draught Solex carburettor system manufactured in France. It’s also great news that the later 2nd generation Triumph Herald 1200 is still widely available and is a great classic car for anyone to embark on a highly rewarding auto restoration project. If you are currently looking to buy a Triumph Herald we can recommend starting your search by visiting the Classic Car Weekly and Autotrader Classic websites respectively.

Triumph Herald Undercoating & Rust Remover products

If you already own a Triumph Herald or are looking to purchase a car in the near future to start an auto restoration project we recommend visiting a local DINITROL rustproofing treatment centre for a rust professional inspection. You can also purchase Triumph Herald Classic Car DINITROL D.I.Y. Rustproofing treatment kits, containing DINITROL 4941/Car a black coloured bitumen based undercoating underseal and DINITROL 1000 a transparent cavity wax that is also suitable for open surfaces. Also dependent on the condition of the vehicle we also recommend purchasing DINITROL RC 900 an epoxy based rust converter to treat the Triumph Herald prior to applying the underseal and cavity wax. Unlike many other competitor brands you will find any extensive range of rust removal products and rust prevention solutions in the DINITROL DIRECT website shop available for purchase that are still produced in Germany.

Triumph Herald Undercoating & Rust Remover products Triumph Herald rustproofing kits DINITROL 4941 underseal & transparent cavity wax

The Triumph Sports Six Club

If you’re a Triumph Herald owner or looking to purchase one of these British made classic cars, why not join the The Triumph Sports Six Club. The Triumph Sports Six Club is a great organisation based in Leicestershire for sharing your passion with fellow Triumph car owners throughout the UK.

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