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Vehicle manufacturer truck frame rust

It’s believed that Toyota have reached an agreement to replace the vehicle frame on around 1.5m Toyota trucks in the United States. Due to settling a law suit brought about by the owners of several vehicle Toyota model types including the Tundra, Sequia and Tacoma. With the final cost incurred by Toyota expected to reach around $3.4 billion US dollars. The owners claimed that the vehicles had inadequate rust protection applied when manufactured and this could quickly lead to extensive corrosion damage occurring that can affect the structural integrity and safety of their vehicle.

The most affected vehicle ranges appear to be the 2005-08 Toyota Sequoia SUVs, 2007-08 Toyota Tundra and 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. With the frame replacements estimated to cost around $15,000 US dollars per vehicle this will be a huge financial cost for Toyota to cover due to this reported corrosion protection failure issue.

Also with each vehicle inspection estimated to cost a further $60 and Toyota proposing to check the body frame of all trucks for 12 years from the day they were sold. This will be a substantial effort by the Japanese automotive manufacturer to resolve the issue. This latest problem could leave another negative impact in the brands history and reputation for producing reliable engineered vehicles.

The car manufacturer has also started to contact and reimburse owners of affected vehicles who have already paid for frame replacements themselves.

DINITROL® OEM approved vehicle underbody rustproofing & corrosion protection treatments against rust

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