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What’s behind your wheel arch Liners?

What’s behind your wheel arch Liners

Even though most modern car manufacturers have adopted improved methods for corrosion protecting vehicles, wheel arch liners can become a rust nightmare. It’s still the owner’s full responsibility, to check the vehicle frequently for any signs of rust forming and treating the problem quickly before it becomes more widespread. Whilst rust can appear anywhere around the vehicle due to maintenance neglect, the most areas common areas are usually around the wheel arches bonnet, front engine grille and door edges. If untreated, you will notice the paint coating starting to lift and flake away from the surface with rust spots becoming evident. Many motorists associate vehicle rust to be a problem with stone chippings whilst driving hitting the protective paint surface, to reveal the untreated metal underneath promoting corrosion.

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Protective wheel arch liners

Along with stone chipping damage wheel arch liners can be a major contributor to your vehicle becoming rusty. This is mainly due to the protective wheel arch liners sometimes retaining moisture and contaminants that provide the perfect damp conditions to promote rusting. Due to this reason we recommend removing the wheel arch liners regularly and ensuring they are completely clean and dry before replacing. You will also notice below by viewing the picture that organic mass including leaves, road debris and soiling can also become trapped behind the wheel arch liners further enhancing this problem. If you have noticed rust forming specifically around the wheel arch area we recommend removing the plastic protective covers and closely inspecting to establish the main issue contributing to corrosion.

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Why we remove all plastic protective covers & wheel arch liners

At DINITROL our philosophy based on experience and expertise is to remove all plastic protective covers around the chassis area and wheel arches prior to treatment. Whilst these protective plastic covers have revolutionised modern cars by substantially reducing cabin road noise, they can also retain trapped moisture. Due to this reason we recommend that before rustproofing a vehicle, all plastic covers must be removed with the chassis area and wheel arches thoroughly steam cleaned prior to application. You must also wait until the cleaned surfaces are completely dry with no moisture remaining before applying any rust prevention corrosion protection treatment applications. Simply applying vehicle rust prevention coatings including DINITROL 4941/Car underbody chassis coating or DINITROL anti stone-chipping coatings, on top of the plastic covers without removing will not provide full protection. Due to the risk of trapped organic vegetation containing leaves, soil, road debris underneath the plastic covers and water ingress continuing to rot your car from inside. When rustproofing a vehicle adopting a good comprehensive preparation method for removing all plastic protective covers including wheel arch liners is essential and should not be bypassed. Skipping these initial processes to save time or money is a false economy and will fail to prevent rust from forming.

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Vehicle rust prevention corrosion protection product treatments

If you are genuinely concerned about your vehicle after reading this article. Please get in touch our corrosion protection experts can provide advice and information, on how you can actively protect your car with DINITROL OEM approved product treatments. DINITROL corrosion protection products incorporating cavity waxes, rust converters, underseal chassis coatings and anti stone-chipping coatings are still manufactured in Germany for the ultimate quality.

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