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Zinc Paint

Zinc Paint

Due to zinc’s superb resistance to corrosion compared to other ferrous materials, zinc paint forms an additional protective barrier usually between steel and the environment. The application of zinc paint is commonly called ‘cold galvanising’. When the product is applied via brushing or with an aerosol by spraying the surface area. The zinc paint coating prevents corrosive substances from reaching the iron or steel underneath and the term for this protection is called sacrificial anode. Sacrificial metals are more reactive than iron and this means they lose their electrons in preference to iron or steel by oxidising before the material it is protecting underneath.

Why DINITROL Zinc Paint?

With zinc paints most contain 65-95% metallic zinc, however with our own DINITROL 443 product containing 95% pure zinc we believe the product is highly effective.

Zinc Paint long term corrosion protection

DINITROL 443 Zinc Grey 400ml spray is a quick drying, long term corrosion protection product for all metals. In accordance with DIN 50976, the metal combination of zinc paint is made up of 95% pure zinc and 5% dry film synthetic resin, offering double long term protection. The zinc provides the metal surface with a cathodic rust protection and the resistant synthetic resin film offers optimal protection. The zinc spray does not need to be over applied, brief spraying is enough to achieve a protective film of 20-30 microns.

zinc paint

Zinc paint is used in vehicle bodywork spot welding repairs

Commonly used in all body work tasks to improve damaged zinc layers or as a conductive intermediate layer for spot welding. The product provides a perfect undercoat for water and weather-susceptible systems, including covering drilled areas and welds.

Car care zinc paint spray product

DINITROL 443 zinc spray can be over-coated after approximately one hour. It’s also possible to varnish with suitable synthetic resin lacquers, if retouching is required please wait 24 hours before reapplying. The aerosol product is easy to apply however you must make sure the treatment area is completely clean with any grease or oil removed. This OEM (original equipment manufacturer) car care product is for professional usage in automotive body shops and vehicle repair centres throughout the aftermarket. The product is also an ideal addition to any classic car restoration or car enthusiasts garage.

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