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4x4 Off Road Vehicles

Underbody chassis corrosion protection & rust proofing treatments

Most people purchase 4×4 off road vehicles due to their uncompromisable robust reliability to perform in harsh weather conditions whilst exposed to rugged terrain. The raised chassis design incorporated with these vehicles is great for driving around rural areas and rugged ground with poor drainage that are frequently flooded with rain water. However many 4×4 Off Road vehicle owners are not fully aware of the damage caused to the underbody over time by road debris, stone chips, dirt deposits and surface water that can quickly lead to rusting if not treated or repaired.

Rust proofing your 4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle

Most 4 x 4 Off Road vehicles are expensive to purchase and we believe investing in DINITROL rust proofing and underbody chassis coating treatments will increase the longevity of the vehicle whilst ensuring it retains the best resale value. By applying OEM approved automotive DINITROL corrosion protection products including underbody chassis coatings, cavity waxes and engine compartment protection coatings to your 4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle with scheduled treatments will prevent rusting. Our cavity waxes also provide sound deadening and when applied with an underbody coating gun and lance extension all closed cavities including doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices can be coated.

If you own a 4×4 off road vehicle and frequently drive in rural areas this significantly increases the potential of rusting and we would recommend you have the vehicle regularly inspected by an official DINITROL Treatment Centre to ensure any corrosion is treated quickly. Our appointed DINITROL Treatment Centres can also provide a comprehensive scheduled treatment plan for your 4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle for peace of mind. We also strongly recommend that any emergency service operating 4×4 off road vehicles protect their fleet especially when based in coastal areas when the salt present in sea water can be an extremely significant factor in accelerating the corrosive process. Also unlike many other brands DINITROL has been renowned for manufacturing automotive corrosion protection products since the companies incorporation in 1937 and many old Land Rovers are still driven today due to the owners commitment to apply regular rust proofing treatment applications.