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June 12, 2024

The importance of cavity waxes

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Protecting Your Car From The Inside Out

Why am I protecting something I cannot see?

Here at Dinitrol UK, we are always highlighting the importance of cavity waxes within the rustproofing process.

Cavity waxes are vital in ensuring that the parts of your car not initially seen by the eye are also protected to a high standard.


The choice of cavity wax is yours

Dinitrol provides a choice of two cavity waxes, ML and 1000.  



Dinitrol ML is a dual-purpose product, mainly used as a corrosion protection agent for cavity sealing.

ML is a very thin consistency; therefore, it has amazing creeping qualities, enabling it to crawl into unreachable places and reach that unwanted rusted metal not initially seen by the eye.

ML can also be used as a underbody primer before the underbody sealant is applied. With ML containing rust inhibitors, this prior application will allow for the penetration of initial rust and gives that extra layer of protection.

For more heavily rusted vehicles where corrosion is highly visible on the undercarriage, Dinitrol 3125 HS can be used in accompany with Dinitrol ML for further protection.

Dinitrol 1000 is like ML but thicker. It is entirely personal preference when it comes to choosing between the two.

Dinitrol 1000 leaves a thick strong layer of wax on application, providing for a higher level of protection, however it is unable to creep as strongly than ML.


Find Dinitrol ML here: Product - DINITROL ML | Dinitrol Direct

Find Dinitrol 1000 here: Product - DINITROL 1000 | Dinitrol Direct

Find Dinitrol 3125 HS here: Product - DINITROL 3125 HS | Dinitrol Direct


What happens if i don't use cavity wax?

Below is an example of what will happen if you do not prioritse cavity wax within your rustproofing treatment.



All images are courtesy of Yorkshire Car Restoration. Follow Yorkshire Car Restoration on their restoration rebuilds and see the benefits of Dinitrol: Yorkshire Car Restoration - YouTube


Where are my cavities?

Dinitrol provides a range of specialist spray diagrams developed by a professional team of rustproofing experts who examine the vehicles and document the most effective treatment process for that particular model.

By following the spray diagram instructions for your chosen vehicles, the injection of the cavity wax can be safely inserted into the designated access points usually located around the doors and chassis areas.



Find your vehicle spray diagram here: Product - Spray Diagram | Dinitrol Direct



Please contact us on either +44(0) 1423 358 058 or enquiries@leading-solvents.co.uk for all queries relating to cavity wax.

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