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Product - DINITROL RC 900 | Dinitrol Direct



High-performance rust converter with considerable depth effect



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SKU: DINI-1100801

Product description:

DINITROL RC900 is a rust converter based on organic chelate complex combined with epoxy resin. It actively converts the rust on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex. When the product dries, it forms an impenetrable barrier to further corrosion. DINITROL RC900 penetrates about 7–10 times deeper into the rust than conventional rust conversion products and forms a dry and strong adhesive film that is suitable as a base for the lacquer structure and as a carrier for other corrosion protection products.

You can purchase a RC900 extension nozzle separately.

Benefits • Polymer film formed on converted rust
• Deep effect
• Easy application
• Deep working properties
• Overpaintable
Base material Organic chelate complex combined with epoxy resin
Color Amber
Packaging sizes 400 ml spray can
Applications Agricultural vehicles, Cars, Construction, Buses, Industrial plants, Trucks, Commercial vehicles, Ships, Wind turbines, Trains
Technical Data Sheet